Price Quotation

Price Quotation

Our competitive advantage in the commercial segment lies in our ability to produce high quality products at best competitive price. We always seek the ways to offer our clients more profitable and effective business solution. We do not profess to be the lowest priced in the industry but we are the best competitive in terms of quality products. From quality to price – we are your best choice.

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We are on the lookout for new opportunities from potential clients to develop business collaboration. Any inquiry is heartily welcomed from buyers, importers and wholesalers from global market. Whatever the quantity, each inquiry receives our individual attention. Upon receive your inquiry we will contact you immediately.


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In order to receive fast quotation, pls provide us the details and specifications as under:

Style instructions, graphic illustration

Material, quality, weight, etc.

Artworks for print, embroidery, etc.

Artwork of labels and tags

Measurement chart

Colors and quantity per color

Sizes and quantity per size

Packing instruction

Expected shipment date

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