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Knit Garments Manufacturer in Bangladesh since 2006

Shristy Fashion Ltd is a company in Bangladesh engaged in basic and fashion apparel manufacturing. Since establishment in 2006, its cooperation is fully extended to famous fashion brands of Europe to produce and supply high quality apparel products for all ages.

Our management personnel are significantly experienced for 21 years in high-quality apparel manufacturing based on the expectation of world market. Our skilled manpower in all sections run by a successful entrepreneur, aiming to achieve the highest reputation in the global fashion market by fulfilling our buyer’s maximum satisfaction.

We are specialized for cost effective production, quality assurance and timely delivery. In terms of good-reputation, Shristy Fashion Ltd has become a recognized company in the ready-made garment industry.


Simple Step To Get Knit Garments?

We Produce the best quality men's apparel with diversified ranges.
We Produce the best quality women's apparel with diversified ranges.
We Produce the best quality men's apparel with diversified ranges.
We Produce the best quality promotional apparel with diversified ranges.

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